New Conquests The New British empire soon began to conquer new lands such as in 1947 the British took the Indonesian islands, then the following year Papua new guinea was brought under British control and by 1950 most of North and mid Africa was in control of the New British empire. Then in 1951 South America was invaded and the Caribbean also was too in the following months, in 1953 all of south America except southern Argentina and eastern Brazil came under control of the empire and then most of the Caribbean also was now under British control, except Cuba. In 1954 France releasing the new empires strength declared war on the empire, but was easily defeated by 1956. In 1957 Winstion Churchill was finally voted out of office and Clemet Attlee became prime minister, he pruposed war with Spain due to them not Just being a Republic but also because they rejected the new empire. War was decared on June 1st 1957 and by 1960 Spain had fallen. Portugal was then invaded because they were viewed as a "threat", Portugal finally fell in 1962. Clemet Attlee was voted out on 1963 and Winstion Churchill was voted back in, he had to cope with the growing supisions with the USA and the USSR had with the empire. The New British empire took advantage of the Cuba missile Chrsis to take control of the country in mid 1963 and in late 1963 with the assassination of JFK the empire managed to take this event and turn America into a boiling Chrsis of terror. The Federal Republic of southern Argentina fell to the new empire in 1964,so did the republic of Eastern Brazil in 1965.By 1970 the New British empire controlled now all of Africa and was expanding into China and Japan,controlling all of southern Japan by 1973. By 1980 most of china was in control of the British and the Soviet Union finally was wavering, by 1991 the union fell apart and the empire soon took it's old territories and taking the Russian mainland itself in 1995. By this point all of Europe was in control of the empire and most of Asia. In 1997 Alaska was invaded and taken then Hawaii, Finally the USA was invaded in 1998 and war continued until 2005 when Washington DC was captured. The USA came officially under control of the empire. Now in 2012 little remaines of independecy in the world as the unshakeable empire continues to enslave new countries.